week 47 – Color Challenge: Black & White



The Facts

Fabric: t-shirt from stash mountain

Pattern: comfort corset no sew project 7 from “Generation T – 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt”

Year: 2006

Notions: none

Time to complete: one cup of coffee

First worn: for pictures

Wear again? Possibly, as it is pretty comfortable

Total Cost: Less than $1 for the shirt


I was at a loss for what to make this week as my crafting space is still in quite a disarray. I need a rather large space for the circle skirt, plus my rulers and tape measures so I can draft my own pattern. Sadly, those items are currently disguised as cardboard boxes. This wouldn’t be such a problem, but I am pretty sure that the boxes reproduce whenever anyone leaves them alone for long enough, and the standard work day seems to be long enough for breeding to occur. I am hoping to make progress this weekend, however, I am thinking it will take some weekends beyond that to do any lasting changes.

For this week’s challenge, I looked along the list for something that would fit the materials that I had accessible. I know the point of doing challenges is to make it more difficult for yourself and to push yourself into doing things that you wouldn’t normally. I decided that making anything this week would be challenging enough and I threw out the idea that the challenges needed to be done in any order except for what would work best for me. My eyes alighted on this challenge. Black and white. It was perfect as I had this black shirt with the white lettering. I had hoped to do something a little more elegant for this challenge, maybe something where I use two different fabrics to achieve one creation. Beggars can’t be choosers and I am pretty happy with how this creation turned out.

To make this t-shirt refashion, there are a couple of easy steps. First, start out with a shirt that is a little big, maybe a size up from what you normally wear. Then, cut off the neckline, the sleeve ends, and the bottom hem. Then, cut a large scoop out from the back. Then, cut some holes equidistant and symmetrical along the scoop back. The book recommends 4 on each side, but it is up to you how many you want to do. Just make sure that the holes that you make are at least half of an inch away from the cut edge to ensure that they don’t rip. Then, take the fabric that was cut off from the bottom hem and use that (or some ribbon, or a shoelace, or the bottom hem from a different shirt refashion) to lace up the back. Voila, you are done!


I like how comfortable this shirt is to wear. It would be good for any outdoor festival or summer activity. The shirt was one of many in a bag of shirts that I had purchased awhile back from a thrift store. It is one of only a few that I actually like pretty well. While I have not been to Colorado yet, I would like to go someday. It has been many years since I have been out west and I forget most everything about it. It feels like it was a thing that happened to someone else. It would be nice to go out west and make some new memories and see if I can rediscover some old ones as well.

Until then,

Happy sewing!