Sewing Challenge: A Study of Pink


I am still working out where creating things fits into my schedule, so here is something that I have made prior to this year.

I don’t really wear a lot of pink. I realized sometime around kindergarten or first grade that, as a girl, pink was supposed to be my favorite color. It didn’t matter that I would prefer blue, green, or any other color. I was a girl, so pink had to be my answer to the question, even though it was definitely not at the top of my list. It is kind of sad to look back and see how young I was when I realized that I had to disguise who I was inside to be able to fit in to the socially acceptable “normal.” To this day I still don’t wear a lot of the color. My husband likes it this way. My wardrobe has a lot of black within it. Part of me keeps thinking that I should attempt to get rid of all other color and fully commit to a gothic inspired wardrobe collection. Then, something will happen and I will find a gorgeous blue or green or purple item, and I realize that I need to add more color in my clothing selection, not remove it.

So, when I saw the sewing challenge where I had to sew something pink, I hesitated. Did I want to make something pink and girly? Did I want to make something to give away to a charity so a mother in need would have something cute for a little girl? Do I even have pink fabric to make something for this challenge?

Well, it turns out that I don’t currently have the time or the space to create something new, so here is something that I made awhile back. My husband doesn’t watch Pokemon, nor does he play any of the games that are available across the various gaming platforms. However, I used to watch the show, and as a result, he would watch it with me. I didn’t follow the show that closely, or for very long, but it was long enough for Jigglypuff to become my husband’s favorite Pokemon. So, I made this plush as a gift for him awhile back.


The reason I began sewing plushie creatures is the same reason that I have been doing the sewing challenges. I wanted to practice sewing by sewing something that would teach me how to work with patterns, how flat patterns transfer to a three-dimensional shape, and to make something that brings joy to others. Jigglypuff was an example of an item that accomplishes all of those things.

I found a pattern somewhere on the internet of a plush Kirby that someone had done. They shared their pattern and I would share it here too if I could remember the original source. I used the basic Kirby body, which is essentially just a sphere. I drafted the ears by guessing how the shape should be. The arms and legs are also drafted by me, unless they were also from the Kirby pattern. I’m pretty sure that I had drafted them, and the mouth as well. I don’t draw circles very well, but they eyes were drafted from round things I had around the house. I think the blue part is a quarter and the white part is from the felt circles that Ikea includes within its furniture to protect the floor


I sewed the sphere together, making sure to sew the arms and legs in the seams as I went. I stuffed the ears and hand sewed them on, then I sewed on the hair floof. I hand sewed the eyes and glued the mouth. I also sewed a sequin on for that extra something. And that’s it. A cute gift based on a cartoon character in a color that some consider only appropriate for girls.



Happy sewing!