Cincinnati Welcomes Night Vale!


Photo May 13, 10 00 51 PMHello readers.

The podcast known as “Welcome to Night Vale” is currently on tour. On Wednesday, May 13th, they stopped in Cincinnati Ohio and performed at the Taft theater. I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets so my husband and I could attend. I was afraid that the show would sell out and I would be forced to listen to everyone around me tell tales of how it was a wonderful experience and I would just be sitting there like, “c’mon guys. I could have gone with you and stood outside the theater and pretended to experience the show through some sort of osmosis.” Instead, the show didn’t sell out and I was able to get us tickets. Now, all that is left is sharing the night with all of you and not spoiling anything for those who haven’t had the chance to experience the story yet.

First, the venue.

The Taft theater is beautiful. I took a lot of pictures of some of the different things I saw around the theater itself. I love old buildings with architectural details and this theater has something every where you look. From their website:

Located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, the Taft Theatre is your premiere destination for live entertainment. The Theatre opened in 1928 and is a marvelous display of the neo-classical/art deco architecture that prevailed during the time period. The 2011 renovation integrated 21st century comfort while returning the historic ambiance and character of this 83-year-old structure and gem of Cincinnati. The changes and improvements have successfully created the “Ultimate, Intimate Entertainment Experience” in the Tri-State.

Photo May 13, 7 53 41 PM

A bit of the detail directly above our seats.

We purchased some bottles of water from the concessions, found our seats, and eagerly awaited the start of the show.

The Proverb Lady came out and gave the standard rules that you hear before any live performance, but with a Night Vale twist. I was surprised to find that they encourage picture taking during the performance, but that any audio or visual recording is strongly discouraged.

Photo May 13, 8 03 03 PM

Meg. The proverb lady.

They want everyone to have an equal opportunity to experience the story for the first time, but without any spoilers. I haven’t looked for them, but I also haven’t seen them. This makes me so happy that the fans love and respect the podcast enough to not spoil anything for the other people who love and respect the podcast.

Then Mary Epworth and her band came out and did a set. It was really good. You could tell that they had a lot of fans in the audience, and everyone was encouraged to meet the Mary and her band at the merch table after the show.

Photo May 13, 9 17 46 PM


We take you now… To the weather. (Mary Epworth)

Then Meg came back out with Disparition. Surprisingly, Disparition is not like the local Numbers Station, but actually a human of flesh and blood. Well, maybe. I didn’t actually check. I’m just guessing based on the visual evidence that was available.

Photo May 13, 9 17 16 PM


Disparition: The music of Night Vale!

Then Cecil himself came out on stage and the show really got started. It was everything that you would expect from a live show. Just like that. No, not like that. Yes. Yes, that’s it. You’ve got it.

Photo May 13, 8 27 41 PM


The voice of Welcome to Night Vale: Cecil!

Photo May 13, 8 32 55 PM

And now a word from our sponsor: Deb, the sentient patch of haze speaking for Dasani water.

Photo May 13, 8 40 16 PM

Carlos! Sweet, wonderful, perfect Carlos the Scientist!

Photo May 13, 9 00 32 PM

Tamika Flynn: Leader of the young adolescent militia in Night Vale.

Photo May 13, 9 08 45 PM

The Faceless Old Woman that secretly lives in your home.

Photo May 13, 9 24 14 PM

Audience participation!!!

For more clues about this current tour, and for more information about Welcome to Night Vale itself, please check out their YouTube channel as well as their website.

For information about Night Vale, visit

Visit Mary Epworth’s site at