Celebrating Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!


December 16, 2016 was Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Did you participate? What was once a gift people dreaded receiving has now become a reason to celebrate during the holiday season. There are many places selling sweaters specifically designed to be ugly, as well as sweaters that someone thought was cute, but isn’t quite suited to everyone’s tastes.

My workplace had a company party on Friday, and they held an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Not wanting to spend the amount of money that many of the ugly Christmas sweater shops were asking, I decided to attempt to create my own. First, I went shopping for a plain sweater that I could add to. Amidst the sea of sweaters available, not many of them were plain. There were plenty that were obviously meant to be ugly. There were some that I personally liked, but wasn’t entirely sure whether they were meant to be ugly or not. Then I found it. A sweater that was plain enough that I could decorate, fit the Christmas theme, and wasn’t so very expensive that I would spend all of my money on something that I would be both proud and embarrassed to wear. 20161202_171552

This is the front of the sweater. Santa doesn’t even have a face!


This is the back of the sweater. Nothing says Christmas quite like black and white stripes.

I went to my local craft store and purchased items that they had on sale. 70% off? Yes, please! I purchased snowflake buttons, fluffy glitter pom poms, glitter light bulb buttons, and a light up necklace. I added a little bit of everything to the front of the shirt. I sewed each piece on by hand so I could take it off again later. I kind of like the sweater on its own, and want to be able to wear it without having stuff sticking off of it. I also added some of the snowflake buttons to the hat.(The hat lights up as well, but I forgot to get a picture of it with the lights on, or after adding the buttons.)

For the back of the sweater, I cut shapes out of felt. Then I decorated the felt and sewed the pieces onto the back of the sweater. For the finishing touch, I poked the light up necklace through the sweater.


Here is the front of the sweater, with the lights turned on. I didn’t add as many of the pom poms as I originally intended because I figured less was probably more. I had as many people tell me that my sweater was cute, as I did telling me that my sweater was ugly.


Here is the back of the sweater. I had fun making the felt ornaments and think that I may make some to decorate our tree in the future. I was running out of time, or I would have made more shapes for the back of the sweater.

I had fun adding to my sweater. Like I mentioned before, there were people who thought my sweater was not ugly at all, and so of course, I did not win the ugly sweater contest. If my work sponsors another Ugly Christmas Sweater party/contest again next year, I already have a plan of what to make. I just need to find a plain sweater to start with.

Happy sewing!



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