Cat bed


The weather here has been very weird for January. It had gone from cold and wintery, to warm and springlike, back to arctic and snow. It all just makes me want to stay in bed until spring really and truly arrives.

Since I am unable to hibernate until March, I decided to at least let our kitties have a chance at staying comfortable as they can be while the pendulum of nature swings back and forth between winter and summer. I sewed up a cat bed for another project I hope to get back to at some point during the summer. It was so easy to sew up and put together that I didn’t realize that I forgot to take pictures until I was done. So I did the only thing a cat owner can do – I made another one. Two cats means a minimum of two cat beds.


The first one that I made seemed like it was a really good size. It is big enough for two cats, even though only one ever uses it. I decided to try my best to duplicate the original for the second cat bed.  The first step is to cut the fabric to size. I used the end table that I had purchased for the cats as my template. I laid the fabric down on the top and cut roughly about where the sides of the end table are.


After cutting off the corners, it looks something like this:

20170113_183309I have noticed our cats like to curl up to something with some sort of back rest, or something to prop their head against. So I took the long piece and cut it down to a straight piece

20170113_183426With the cutting all done, it is time to sew. I made sure right sides were together and sewed around the edges of both pieces, making sure to leave enough space to turn right side out. I then stuffed both pieces with polyester fiber fill and sewed both pieces closed.

20170113_203454My pieces were checked for quality by cat #1.

20170113_203438After I was assured that my work was adequate, I hand sewed the tube onto the sides so that it would frame around part of the bed. I did not want to have the tube around the whole bed, but if you decide to make one for your pets, remember that you can make it however you choose. You can have deep walls that go all around the bed, or you can choose to have no kind of border at all.

After I sewed the tube around the border, this is how it looked:

20170113_205529The perfect pillow for the corner of the labyrinth holding the Triforce. I put it on the floor on one of cat #2’s favorite spots to lay down. It took less than 12 hours and –

20170114_235225Success!! They both like it! And, as a bonus, they will lay on it together!!

Happy sewing!