Week 3 – Buttons and Space Buffalos


space buffalo family

The Facts

Fabric: 2 ½ felt squares, 2 pieces of 9in x 12in faux fur per plush

Pattern: Plushie Bantha from Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton

Year: Book published 2011

Notions: Per bantha – 2 buttons, 1 chenille stick cut in two, polyester fiberfill

Time to complete: Longer than it probably should have. Some time ago, I originally checked out Bonnie’s book out from the library and made this for a friend. This time, I remade these from memory and have done more hand sewing than what probably is necessary.The one pictured that is mostly hairless is one that I had worked on when I made these the first time. The reason it is so hairless is because that was all of the scrap fur that I had left over at the time.

First worn: N/A

Wear again? N/A

Total Cost: Buttons and fiberfill were from stash, felt, fur and pipe cleaners were new, so about $10


I love the original Star Wars and think that this pattern is just too cute! The hardest part is figuring how to create the horns. I had made and saved a horn pattern, but chose instead to do a different horn that used less felt. The result is a shorter horn that makes them look more like goats than buffalo.  I think that they are still cute regardless.

20140203_184716[1]  20140203_184657[1]

I think I may go back and cut and re-position the fabric on this one so that they legs are better covered. Mr. Uncommon Geek thinks it is fine the way it is and has taken to calling this one Doctor Brief. 

20140203_184728[1] 20140203_184739[1]

I love how much personality the mouth can add to these creatures.

Happy Sewing!!