Week 6: UFO – Unfinished object


The Facts

Fabric: 1 pair socks

Pattern: self-drafted

Year: 2013

Notions: thread

Time to complete: 2 hours once I actually started working on it.

First worn: As soon as I was done making them.

Wear again? Definitely.

Total Cost: I’ve had these so long I will count them as free.

I love, love, love, fingerless gloves. I am usually the person who is cold and/or chilled when everyone else is either comfortable or too warm. Gloves like this are perfect for those times when there is a chill in the air but it is too warm for a jacket, or when you need something to keep your hands warm and still be able to use your fingers. They are great especially for working on the computer. At our house the computer is next to an outside wall and all of the cold just creeps in and freezes anyone who sits next to it for too long. These gloves help to keep the hands capable of working while using the computer.

I had this pair of socks that got a hole in them, but were too cute to throw away. So, after a thorough washing, they got added to my crafting material collection where they sat for some time. Eventually, I cut off the part with the hole, made both socks equal in length, and serged the cut ends. I noticed that they were too long to just wear as arm warmers and would need to be modified. So, they sat for some time longer.

Then this crafting challenge came up. I am pretty good about sewing stuff once I have all of the fabric cut out, so I didn’t have much to choose from in the way of unfinished projects. Most of what I have is uncut fabric sitting next to unopened patterns. So, I sat down and started to finish these.

First, I put the arm warmers on and marked with straight pens the placements for where I needed to cut/sew for the thumb opening. Then I started hand stitching. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wouldn’t be happy with the seam that I was creating. So, I took out my scissors and cut the sock so I would be able to sew along the cut edge. I sewed the seam twice for extra reinforcements. Then, I repeated all of the steps on the second one. Now, I have a way to keep my hands warm while I do my hand sewing as I catch up on my Netflix watching.

Side note: I make and sell creatures made out of socks, and as a result, I have several bags full of new and unworn socks. I get the feeling that I will make additional arm warmers in the future so I get a chance to add different embellishments to them.

Happy sewing!

Here is the left one:


Here is the right one:


I tried to take a picture so you could see some of the detail, but I don’t think that it came out too well.