Pollo alla Cacciatora


Happy New Year!!


While I am staying warm and defining my specific goals for 2017, one of which includes creating something each week of the year and blogging about it, I thought I would share a recipe that is loved in my house. This recipe is Pollo alla Cacciatora (Hunter’s Wife’s Chicken). I got the recipe from a cooking pamphlet that my mom was getting rid of (but thankfully, it is also available online!)

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New month, new year, new resolutions


I was inspired some time ago by Sew Weekly. For those of you who don’t know, Sew Weekly is a place where a new sewing challenge is posted every week and whoever wants to can participate. I fell in love with the idea and the people who were participating and knew that it was something that I wanted to do. It would be something that would both get my sewing skills up closer to where I want them to be and it would help me battle the jungle of crafting supplies that are taking over my living space. So, I waited till the new year and I signed up to join. Then, I found out that the person in charge of the everything was on hiatus due to a death in the family. Then life happened for me as well and I stopped even trying to pretend to try to complete any of the challenges of the previous year.

Now it is 2014 and my crafting supplies are the thing in my apartment that is taking up the most space.  Not my clothes, shoes, books or video games even come close to rivaling my craft cave in terms of size, variety, or let’s be honest, shame at owning. I have begun selling off pieces of what I own in an Etsy store, but it hasn’t yet made much of a dent. My mother is cleaning out her craft supplies and I am doing my best to make sure that my collection does not grow in response.  I am trying to do the challenges again, even if they are now technically two years old. I am trying and that is the important thing that I am focusing on.

You may be asking yourself now why I am posting about this in February. The answer is because I am really bad about taking pictures of the things that I made. I am currently trying to make sure that I upload the backlog of the things that I have already made so I don’t fall into the trap that I fell into before of not documenting, then not posting, then not making because I didn’t post the last three things that I made.

So here’s hoping that I will do better for the rest of 2014.

Happy sewing!