Week 1 – Favorite outfit made from the previous year


The Facts

Fabric: Navy blue cotton sheet set from the thrift store for jacket and lining, sleeves are lined with satin fabric from stash

Pattern: Simplicity 2172

Year: Recent

Notions: 4 buttons from stash (got from a friend who wanted to pare down their stash) and some ribbon for the back from stash, ribbon trim for the sleeves and collar from stash

Time to complete: Unknown

First worn: at a steampunk convention 2013

Wear again? Yes 

Total Cost: Since the buttons, ribbon for lacing and trim were from stash, and the fabric was less than $5, the whole jacket probably cost me less than $10 in materials.


I made this jacket with one of the Steampunk patterns that I have seen at every Steampunk convention that I have been to. I modified it a bit. The sleeves seemed a bit short to me, so I added some length. I originally wanted to make the sleeves removable like they are shown here: http://www.pattern-file.com/archives-2011/pattern-reviews/thar-she-be-pirate-bridesmaid-costume-from-simplicity-2172/ , but I decided against it as this was my first time with this pattern. 

I did decide to do a different collar since I do not really want the version that they show on the envelope. The versions that I have seen with the ruffle do look nice, but I don’t think that it is really for me.  I used the collar pattern from the men’s costume pattern Simplicity 4923 and modified it to where I thought it would work. It didn’t really turn out like I expected it to. I really thought that it would stand up, or lay flat, but it folds over. I hand stitched the ribbon trim around the collar and sleeves. I then used ribbon for the back laces in colors that matched the trim to pull the details together. I’m pretty pleased with this overall. Eventually I would like to make the bodice included in this pattern, but I doubt that I will ever make the skirt as shown on the envelope. I do not want to bother with all of those pleats.

Speaking of skirts, the skirt that I am wearing is one that I made. When I saw this sheet (yes, I have a lot of thrifted sheets that I will be using for sewing) I thought that the color stripe would make a really neat design detail at the bottom of a skirt. I used some pattern pieces that I had used previously as templates and guessed at the width that I would need at the waist. I ended up with 4 gores (from a 6 gore skirt) because the fabric was not wide enough to have 6 with the stripe. I considered making it 6 gores and have 3 with the stripe and 3 without, but I decided against it. My goal was really to have a solid design detail at the bottom of the skirt. I botched the waistband and the zipper horribly, but once I pair this with a corset and the Simplicity 2172 jacket, both are covered and no one can tell, except for me. Sorry, but I don’t have any good pictures that show the skirt bottom. 




Look, I have pockets! I wish they were bigger on the inside…



Detail of the lacing in the back. This was the first time that I worked with a pattern that added laces. I am rather proud of how they turned out. Sorry about all of the wrinkles. I didn’t iron this after it was washed. I should probably do that before my next convention. 


Happy sewing!