Sewing Challenge: Red



The Facts

*Please note: This post was written last year. I have only just now gotten around to sharing it. Please enjoy!

Fabric: Scraps of t-shirts from stash and leftover from epic quilt of epicness.

Pattern: From picture shared on Facebook

Year: 2014

Notions: Thread, polyester fiberfill

Time to complete: 30 hours? (it is still not completely done as I still need to finish the tentacles.)

First worn: n/a

Total Cost: Everything is from my stash, so I’m going to count this as free, but if I had to make one new, it would be somewhere around $10 – $15 just for the fiberfill, not to mention the headache of turning and stuffing all of the legs. The entire process took way longer than I thought it would and I battled with them for a long time.

Oh, Valentine’s Day. So much consumerism so close to Christmas. Is it so much to ask for a simple glass of wine with dinner every now and then? Flowers for no reason except to say “I love you and don’t need some calendar date to remind me to say so?” Do we really need to have a holiday set aside every year to remind single people that they are in fact, single?

I don’t wear much red in my wardrobe, so I wasn’t immediately inspired by this color to make something to add to my wardrobe. I am trying very hard to use the fabric that I have instead of buying new, so that limits the things that I can do based on the yardage that I have on hand. Around this time last year, when I was trying to complete the challenges, I made some red bow ties. For this year’s attempt, something so simple feels a little like cheating, especially since the last project was simple as well.  Besides, what says love better than the Elder Gods?

I saw a picture on Facebook and thought it looked cute enough to try. I already had a bunch of fabric scraps from previous projects. I cut them all into somewhat uniform pieces and laid them out to check color placement. I soon realized that I had too many scraps to make just one, so I divided the pieces up and started to make two of them.  I sewed the pieces together, then I sewed up the sides and turned the tubes inside out. Then I stuffed the tubes. Then I stuffed some more. Then I realized that I had finished off my 5 pound box of fiberfill and had to open up another box to be able to finish stuffing both creatures.

The figuring out the pattern for the head was a process that took some time. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to look more like a squid or an octopus, so I just tried to make it not look horrible. I’m not sure that I succeeded. I decided to make it more like a squid in order to respect the kraken. In following this I also decided that they needed yellow and red eyes. I’m pretty happy with how the eyes turned out.


The benefit of making this out of t-shirt scraps is that it is super soft and cuddly. It is a good companion when sitting on the couch as the head can sit behind you and you can move the tentacles around you until you have it just the way that you want it to be comfortable.


Happy sewing!