Free Comic Book Day 2017


I am looking forward to Free Comic Book Day. I love that so many people go out into the world to celebrate reading. Free Comic Book Day is a great way to get started in the world of comic books. I know that I always look forward to reading titles that I would not have picked up otherwise. It is also a great way to find new stores in your area. Many of them will have local artists and writers selling their wares. It is a great opportunity to get a one of a kind piece signed by the creator.

For those of you who don’t know, the first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day, or FCBD.  There is a collection of comics released specifically for FCBD. Each store has its own way of getting the free comics to the readers. Most stores have sales on the non FCBD items, so keep your eyes open for some good deals.  Here are a list of the stores in my area that participated in Free Comic Book Day in 2016.

2nd and Charles

Bell, Book, and Comic

Bookery Fantasy Comics and Collectibles

Epic Loot Games and Comics

Heroes For Sale

Main Street Comics & Games

Mavericks Cards and Comics

Need More Comics & Toys

Super-Fly Comics and Games

Uncanny Comic Shop

For stores in your area and more information about Free Comic Book Day, you can check out

Happy Reading!!


Sock creature – Slenderman inspired


I like to use socks and bits of fabric to make little creatures. Usually, I will try to make something cute, and it will end up a little creepy looking. It will be completely unintentional. I will fully intend to make an owl, or a dog, or a cat. But I make the eyes just a little bit too big. Or the legs don’t come out quite right. Or everything turned out like it was supposed to, but something is just a little bit off about the whole thing. Over time, I have begun to embrace the fact that my sock creations will end up being a little creepy whether I intend for them to or not. And there are times like now, when I decide that I will make something creepy, just to make something creepy. One of my friends showed me a picture of Slenderman. I had not heard of this creature before they showed me the picture that they found so creepy. I had been in the middle of creating a sock creature, and they were reminded of Slenderman by my creation. By the time that creature was finished, it no longer looked like Slenderman, but the idea had been planted in my brain.

First, I am starting with a sock:

20170122_171333This one has already been used for something, but there is plenty of sock left for what I need. I sewed up the top for the head. Then I cut the bottom to create the legs, and sewed them up as well.


Then I took the other sock and cut the really long arms. I also cut the heel of the second sock for the ears. I know part of what makes Slenderman so scary is the lack of face. However, I am making a Slenderman inspired creature, not a Slenderman sock creature. One day I may make a creature wearing a little black suit, with a black tie, and without a face. Today is not that day.

20170122_172026I sewed up the arms, stuffed them, and attached them to the body. Then I sewed up the ears and attached those as well. All that I have left is to create a face. Or not. I haven’t decided yet.


Happy Sewing!!

Pollo alla Cacciatora


Happy New Year!!


While I am staying warm and defining my specific goals for 2017, one of which includes creating something each week of the year and blogging about it, I thought I would share a recipe that is loved in my house. This recipe is Pollo alla Cacciatora (Hunter’s Wife’s Chicken). I got the recipe from a cooking pamphlet that my mom was getting rid of (but thankfully, it is also available online!)

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Celebrating Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!


December 16, 2016 was Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Did you participate? What was once a gift people dreaded receiving has now become a reason to celebrate during the holiday season. There are many places selling sweaters specifically designed to be ugly, as well as sweaters that someone thought was cute, but isn’t quite suited to everyone’s tastes.

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My apologies


Greetings and salutations! My apologies for not posting more. Big things are in the works, and I would be able to share them with you if only I could remember to take pictures as things progress along. Fear not! For I plan on changing that in the near future.

Also, coming up towards the end of September will be an awesome show that I will be attending. There will be amazing performances, good food, and craft beers for those people who drink beer. I will provide a link in the future, after our internet is fixed.

I look forward to seeing all of you amazing people in the very near future!

ICE Expo or the Independent Creators Expo Expo


Greetings Internet people! How nice to see you again. I recently took a break from my winter hibernation in order to take part in the local Independent Creators Expo, for the first time in a new location.
Also new this year was the film screenings. Unfortunately,  I was unable to view the films since I was watching the
Uncommon Geek table while Mr. Uncommon Geek talked and interviewed with the independent creators. I really wish that I had more to report. The venue was nice. Everyone I talked to was super friendly.  There was a lot of original content for sale. A good time was had by all. If you didn’t go, then you definitely missed out, but you can come out to next year’s expo and see what you’re missing out on. You can also listen to the podcast to listen to interviews with some of the creators that you missed.

One week till Star Wars!


This post has very little to do with the new movie. I mean, sure I have seen the trailers and I am excited to see the movie, but I don’t want to kill the excitement by over analyzing everything that is coming out regarding the movie. That is why this post is about holiday hero stockings!

Mr. Uncommon Geek and I recently attended a local comic book convention that is held at a high school in an effort to raise money for the marching band. This was our third time attending, and I wanted to do more than just spread the word about our site. So I made some hero themed stockings to sell.

We were up against another holiday gift event in the area, and the fog that showed up in the morning lingered until noon. As a result, the turnout was smaller than expected. However, we all had a great time looking at the different tables, and talking to everybody.